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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 5 Attraction at first sight

One of the first impressions we get of the hero in a romance novel is his appearance, the description of his physical traits when we see him for the first time. And what do these fictional heroes have in common? Let’s face facts – both men and women long to see a fit body and a general air of health and confidence. Strength is sexy, have you picked up on that? Though many women don’t need the hero to have a bodybuilder physique created by many hours in the gym, we’re not exactly turned on by a beer gut, either. Somewhere in the middle is you, the hero who looks about as good as he possibly can without spending more time in gyms and salons than we do.

There’s a shortcut to these traits and we all know what it is – exercise! Unless you spend a lot of time outdoors doing physical work, you’ll have to eat and drink in moderation and put in about three (eat less) to five (eat more) hours a week of moderate, regular exercise that combines strength training and cardio. Same routine for us ladies. Not that complicated, right? And if all or part of it is something you do with the lady you love, all the better! Strength and discipline are attractive in both genders and they loom large in romance novels, the fairy tales for grownups that always end in a happily-ever-after! (Look for six more tips to come on this blog series.)

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