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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 11 She likes to change it up as much as you do!

Ask your lady to read you some of the sexy parts from her favorite romance novel. If she works up the nerve to read you something about kinkier sex, don’t assume she wants to act it out immediately. She may never want to actually do some of the things that turn her on, but thinking about it or whispering in her ear about it might be lots of fun!

Negotiating alternative sex can be done over a glass of wine, while looking at sexy photos on the internet together, or just by asking specific questions about what she’d like to recreate. Knowing she’s firmly in the driver’s seat regarding how things will go and what you both can expect in the end is another staple of erotic romance novels. (Remember the contract scene in the 50 Shades movie?) She might be open to using a scarf as a blindfold, freeing her up to enjoy that long, slooooow trip of discovery you’re going to take around her body before getting to your ultimate destination.

The occasional quickie is great, but if there’s one thing you can absolutely take away from romance novels, it’s that real men make sure that their lady has just as good a time (if not a better time) as he does in bed. The hero often says something like “I’ve got plans for you, baby,” and oh man, he really does! You having a plan makes us feel soooo special, and we’ll definitely reciprocate next time. Guys, that usually means that slooooow is better in the foreplay department and she comes first, if you get my drift. You can pick up the pace and stop being gentle as you head for home plate, but she’ll remember that sweet lovin’ and attention every moment until next time!

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