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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 8 Foreplay starts way before you get to the bedroom!

One of the things that women love about romance novels is the sexual chemistry between the characters, an immediate and overwhelming attraction that will lead them to overcome any and all obstacles the book throws in their way. These novels capture the magic of focus, the excitement of discovering what the object of your attention is thinking, feeling and yearning to experience. They also typically show the couple having fun and experiencing new things together, a type of foreplay you can have in real life that lays the foundation for better sex (and a better life)!

Romance readers want the couple to discover both the good and bad things about each other. The hero and heroine may argue vigorously in the beginning, but they’ll fight fair, apologize if they’re wrong, and talk it out while discovering all the wonderful ways they can have mind-blowing sex on their way to their happily-ever-after. In other words, romance novels are adult fairy tales about what life might be like if we became the very best, idealized version of ourselves. Being on the road to becoming the best you is the finest foreplay there is! (Look for three more tips to come on this blog series.)

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