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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 10 Let her know you think she’s sexy!

In our favorite romance novels, things happen so much faster than it would happen in real life, and we want both our hero and our heroine to be braver, stronger, more passionate and more decisive than we are! The hero is usually bolder and more intense and experienced than the heroine, but she gives as well as she gets once she figures it out. But we don’t pick up a romance novel to read about other people having sex -- no, no! We use those images to launch into our own super-hot fantasy.

One of the simplest ways a man can learn from romance novels is by asking your woman to read you her favorite sexy parts. She may by shy and embarrassed about it at first, but if you’re interested and get her talking about things that turn her on, you may get some practical tips you can use. You may find out that kissing, touching and affection is more important than you realized, even after years of living together or marriage.

Let her know you think of her that way, as a desirable woman, in the car, the shower, the elevator…wherever. Compliment with your words, your eyes and your touch, letting her and others know that you’re a hot, sensual couple. She constantly needs reassurance from you that you find her desirable, at the same time knowing that sex will only happen when she’s ready and it’s appropriate. (Look for one more tip to come on this blog series.)

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