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What is it about men and their dogs?

Even if you’re usually the shy girl, you can always talk to a guy who’s walking a dog. And why do women feel safe approaching a man with a dog? Because the mutt man is four times more likely to be perceived as warm and non-threatening, the kind of guy who can take care of a living thing and show it a good time. If he tells you a story about picking the dog up from the shelter, well…I don’t have to explain why that’s good, do I? That shows confidence and a good heart. Then there’s the pick-up line possibilities. When you’re walking your dog, you could stop for a little tail-wagging moment and say, “Hey, they like each other. Maybe we should get them together and have a playdate.” A bold, clever fellow might quip, “That’s a beautiful dog, does she have a phone number?”

In my new adult romance novel Two Much, Javier’s four mutts from the shelter help college senior Ariana Carleton see him as much more than a hot guy with sex on the brain. Ariana has built a fence – no make that a fortress – around her heart after finding out her ex was engaged to another woman during their relationship. Then she sees the guy pictured below talking to her brother at an event.

(In the book, he was wearing the entire buttoned-up tux, not half-dressed like this, but aren’t you glad I used this photo?) I know. You and Ariana thought the same thing. This older Javier guy is probably a player and anything involving him could end really badly. But won’t it be fun while it’s happening? The flirting began immediately after they met and Ariana resolved to keep it light and casual. Then she saw him caring for his baby brother.

“Javier had me the moment he took his baby brother in his arms and actually knew what to do. Picture it with me, will you? Could you resist a hot guy in a tuxedo, soothing a sleeping baby in the back of a theater so Mom could relax and watch Sis do her thing? I swear, I felt my ovaries heat up and scream, ‘Him, he’s the father of your children!”

Ariana’s mind is blown when she goes to Javier’s place and meets the four mutts he rescued from the shelter – John, Paul, George and Ringo. When he tenderly cares for the pups – well, let’s just say those heart-tugging little paws were echoing the pitter-patter of her heart!

How about a guy who climbs into a dumpster to rescue a dog someone threw away? That guy is a definite hero, like Primo in my novel Romancing Vegas.

The dog they find in the dumpster is injured, a young puppy, but he reminds Oksana (the heroine of the novel) and all of us that people can throw you away and you can make a comeback!

If you love dogs, can you be with a guy who is uncomfortable around dogs? You can give it a try and definitely be friends with a man who has had a traumatic experience and help him heal. But if living with your man and a dog 24/7 is your idea of heaven – maybe not!

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