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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 7 Don’t be a hair criminal!

In romance novels, the heroine doesn’t spend a lot of time describing the hero’s hair. His eyes, his smile, his muscles – yeah. But I guess my dad was a pretty dapper guy, so I have relatively high expectations for male grooming. He actually used product in his hair, some kind of Clark Gable slick-it-back kind of stuff. Get honest feedback from a well-groomed friend about the hair on your head and get a good haircut.

There are a few ways to be a hair criminal. Number One is The Donald – don’t be that guy. If you’ve got a comb-over (be honest, now), lose it and close-shave or shorten your hair. Other areas for hair crimes are the unibrow – tweeze it or wax it. For the nose and ear hair, use one of those little battery-operated trimmers. If you are unsure about all this, just tell your honey to give you a makeover!

Now for the manscaping! The ideal for the back and shoulders is smooth. For the chest, the options are: go smooth; go natural; or (if you naturally look like Austin Powers) groomed at about #2 with a hair clipper. If you have the all-over ‘sweater’ or wiry body hair, you’d be surprised how much better everything looks if you just trim it all down with that hair clipper! Beyond that, try using Nair (follow the directions carefully) or get waxed by someone who’s familiar with male grooming (remember The 40-Year-Old Virgin?). Lightly manscaping the undercarriage (another #2 trim) makes it much more enticing for a lady to get close to the private areas (and you want that, right?). (Look for four more tips to come on this blog series.)

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