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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 4 Interest in the kids = interest in the mom

When you remember that romance novels are fairy tales for adult women, it’s easy to understand why the heroes are always crazy about the heroine’s kids even if they’re not his. So it goes without saying that if there are kids in your household, you’ll be a hero when you pay attention to them and share in the everyday tasks of caring for them. The guy who cheerfully does Dad Duty is the guy who gets booty! To a woman, interest in her children equals interest in her.

“But I throw my paycheck in the pile, doesn’t that show that I care?” Well yes, definitely appreciated, but we’d love the words and the quality time to back that up. If you look at it as fun instead of “helping her out,” it helps facilitate the whole thing. The involved dad can inoculate kids against bad behavior and make his woman feel as if she truly has a partner in life. (Look for seven more tips to come on this blog series.)

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