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What Men Can Learn From Romance Novels (or the answer to the question "What do women want?&quot

Part 3 Confidence is king!

Much of the inner dialogue of the female in a romance novel is about trying to be and act more confident. She’s always psyching herself to do new things, talk to new people and have more adventures in the bedroom and everywhere else. (Pretty much like most of the women I know in real life!)

The hero of a romance novel may not always feel confident either, but he always looks confident – so how do you pull that off? #1 – Decide that you’re a good guy just as you are and stand up straight and tall, shoulders back. #2 -- Meet people’s eyes and smile, not a fake smile or a creepy smile, or an idiotic overly-gummy smile, but a genuine smile that’s reflected in your eyes. Look in the mirror and remember something funny from Wedding Crashers, then memorize that smile. #3-- Tell the truth, work hard, have a plan for your life and know the worth of who you are. There’s no one less attractive than the passive, conflict-avoiding guy with no friends or few interests. (Look for eight more tips to come on this blog series.)

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